Marathon training week 16.


Three. Weeks. Ahhhhhhh! I’ve become such a bundle of nerves that my shoulders have knotted up and I can hardly turn my neck. Not a happy feeling.

Week 15 recap.

I’m psyching myself out. I feel like I’m suffering from first marathon bipolar disorder. What is marathon bipolar disorder you ask? Well, for me it’s the insane swings in goals/training/stress level/general mood I get on a daily basis. For example, going into my half marathon this past weekend, I intended to run an easy 8:45-9 minute pace (the course was crazy hilly). Then, I started freaking myself out that I hadn’t trained hard enough. So, split second decision – I sprinted out of the start. The strategy ended up working but could have ended badly given the terrain (race review to come later this week).

After the awesome race? For 24 hours I thought “I’m going to rock this marathon like it’s my b****.” The day after the half, I was back at the gym for active recovery on the stationary bike and light resistance training for my legs. Still felt good. My legs feel fine (my shoulders are still insanely sore). But 48 hours later, I’ve already come down from the race high and am second-guessing myself.

I suppose it’s a good thing that I recognize I’m being crazy. But it doesn’t prevent me from studying the marathon course. From watching videos of the hills. From reading millions of past participant recaps to decide the best race strategy. At some point there has to be a difference between good marathon strategy prep and just making myself crazy. I’ve stepped over the line to the latter and need to put myself in time out and drink a bottle of wine relax.

Week 16 schedule.

  • Monday – 50 minutes on the bike, strength training legs.
  • Tuesday – 5 miles (it’s raining so looks like I’ll be hitting the treadmill)
  • Wednesday – 8 miles with strides
  • Thursday – 5 mile intervals
  • Friday – Rest day
  • Saturday – 4 mile at pace
  • Sunday – 12 miles

Week 16 goals. 

  1. Stop freaking myself out. I want to finish 26.2 in under 4 hours. I don’t want to finish 15 miles at an 8 minute pace and then die.
  2. Catch up on my DVR. I have yet to watch the Game of Thrones premier. Gasp. I need to rectify that one soon because it’s been way too long since a good Jon Snow fix. Though if anyone needs one right now.
  3. Find a licensed masseuse that can deal with the knots in my shoulders. Stat.

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