Marathon training week 15.

mar train 15

Hello Spring! Hello drinking my morning coffee on the porch! Hello grilling every meal! Hello summery cocktails, short dresses, sandals, and trying to get some color on my pale legs! Yeah, I’ve been waiting for warm weather. A lot.

Week 14 recap. 

Here’s the thing about warm weather. It’s warm. And in NC, warmth comes a bit abruptly.

I probably should have thought about that before I decided to get in my final 20 miler on a day slated to be 80 and sunny. I was way too excited to throw on shorts to think about the fact that 65 has pretty much been my warm days and I hadn’t spent much time running in hot weather.

All week I’d been thinking about this run. My first 20 miler went pretty well and I wanted this one to be fun. READ: not on my same 10 mile loop I do over, and over, and over, and… Well, you get the picture. So I drove west to hit the greenways.


I love new trails!

I probably should have seen the issues coming, but I was too busy rocking out to Brittney to even think about what could possibly go wrong. So, what did go wrong? Well, it was hot and the trail was not as shady as I hoped. So my water intake was drastically higher than usual. And of course… I ran out. About mile 11 I realized I was going to run out and started rationing because I was 9 miles from my car and had no ability to replenish unless you count the creek – yeah, never got that desperate.


Inevitably, I ran out of H2O in mile 14, pushed on into mile 17, then walked the remainder to my car. Head hung low in shame… And praying my phone didn’t die. Bottles of gatorade and water later and I was totally fine and wishing I had run the last three miles. Moral of the story? Check the weather and plan accordingly. Like I didn’t.

I still had fun changing up the scenery a bit and plan on making it a point to travel more to find new trails to run – with a hydration pack…

Final 20 miler is under my belt – even if it was laughable. And now I taper. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh half marathon this weekend, then 12 miles, 6 miles and MARATHON!

Week 15 schedule.

  • Monday – Cross/strength training
  • Tuesday – 5 miles
  • Wednesday – 10 miles
  • Thursday – 5 miles + cross/strength training
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 2 mile shakeout run
  • Sunday – Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Half Marathon

Week 15 goals. 

I’m not sure setting new goals is a good idea four weeks out. So, my goals consist of not succumbing to the taper crazies and staying injury free (i.e. no broken toes two weeks before a race this time…)

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