Marathon training week 14.


Not dead yet. Though not for lack of trying. Seriously, I hit a training wall a couple of weeks ago and have been fighting to break through since. Hence my decision to stop blogging and lose myself in a bottle of wine lack of desire to talk about it.

Week 12 and 13 recap

Week 12 was essentially me on vacation. So yeah, there was a bit more wine and a bit less running than there should have been. I got in a short and mid-distance run in Texas and then took a couple of days off. My legs had been sore. Like super sore. Like incredibly sore. I was getting slow. After a week of taking it easy and an awesome sports relief massage, I felt refreshed going into the Mike to Mike Half Marathon (still haven’t posted a race recap but I’ll get to it this week).

On top of being sore, I’ve been busier than I care to be. It’s seriously cutting in to my wine running time. It’s becoming more of an effort not to let my running take a back seat to everything else going on. Week 13 I missed yet another run and was feeling super frustrated.

BUT… I ran 20 miles on Saturday and felt much more confident that I’m going to be able to run the Flying Pig. I’m going to have to scrap a lot of my time goals (I ran my 20 miler at a 9:13 avg. pace but by the end I was slowing at an exponential rate). If I finish in less than 4 hours I’m buying myself a treat. Like a car milkshake.

And I bought new shoes this weekend which has given me another reason to want to run. Adidas Adios Boost 2.0 in tiffany blue for the win. It’s like sliding on a pair of socks. I love specialty running stores. Sitting inside a circle of new running shoes – welcome to my idea of heaven. I have a list of pairs I plan on investing in soon. I really want the Brooks Launch. I had to go up half a size as I’m now on black toenail number 3. I’ve realized my body does weird things after mile 17. And one of those things is kill toenails. Toenail polish and close-toed shoes will get me through this summer. Or I’ll just show them proudly as badges of honor… Yeah, probably the polish and shoes thing.

Week 14 schedule

To. Be. Determined. Seriously, I have no clue how far I’ll be able to run this week. My schedule is a bit hectic. I got in 45 minutes on the bike last night plus some strength training. I’ll run today, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be a usual rest day. Then I plan on getting in another long run this weekend. I’m hoping to do another 18 to 20 miles since next week begins the dreaded taper. But this week it will just be about getting in what I can get in.

Week 14 goals

  1. Survive.
  2. Drink all the less wine.
  3. Run at least 35 total miles.

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